Saturday, January 13, 2007

Why do I scrapbook?

I saw this theme "why do I scrapbook?" at TwoPeas and I it was very interesting to read the Garden Girls reasons for scrapbooking. Their reasons are much like my own reasons.
I think it was fun to make my own LO about why I scrapbook.
I have mentioned my reasons in little words on the LO. I could decide to write a lot of text about it, but I think these little words describes it very well.
I scrapbook to remember the little moments. I don't want to forget the everyday I love. My children will read the stories. They'll look at the pictures and I hope they will love me for documenting their lives for them.
Sometimes I scrapbook just because I love the picture.
I scrapbook because some days you never want to forget.
I know that without scrapbooking I would have already forgotten many of the small details of my childrens lives that are captured in my albums.
I scrapbook to share the stories of my life. There are so many, each deserving its own page.
I scrapbook because my children won't be little forever. No one can take these memories from me. They're mine.
I love the creative process, I like to play with paper, I enjoy telling stories and taking pictures.
The bottom line is: I never want to forget these little details in our family life.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Use your SCRAPS on your LOs

I took part in a fun challenge at scrapbookexpress. The rules were: USE YOUR SCRAPS. And I think that every scrapbooker saves a lot of scraps from vacations, concerts, dentist appointments, amusementparks, different brochures, napkins, roadmaps etc. etc. etc. I have a lot of scraps in my "scraps box" - so it was fun to use some of it on a LO.

The scraps I have used on this LO are our tickets from Legoland here in Denmark. We visited this fun amusementpark in 2003! The photos shows my two boys riding their legocars. It was a FUN FUN visit and we hope to go back this Summer.

Use your scraps ladies!

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Scetch Challenge

I've created a LO today for a challenge at Scrapbookexpress It's a scetch challenge. Here's the scetch and my take on it. The photos on my LO is taken in Germany (South of Germany) last Summer. The houses and nature there are so very beautiful.

I scrap lettersize, so it's a challange itself to make the scetch fit. But it's so much fun.
It's been a great day today. I've been relaxing with scrappingprojects. At the same time I try to figure out what to make for dinner tonight!? I'm all empty....I will go and look in my cook books for inspiration.
Well, I've been flipping through my new Swedish scrapbooking magazine, and I must say that I'm in heaven. It shows sooo many beautiful, interesting, funny, arty, freestylingish LOs. There's scrapping for everyone. It's great.

Monday, January 8, 2007

New Magazine

Jippiee. Today I received a new magazine in the mail.
It's Swedish and I look so much forward to reading it. There's a lot of tips about doodling, minialbums, freestyling etc.

It looks great!

The magazines website:

Sunday, January 7, 2007


It seems like it's working.
I have created my blog.
I'm so excited.

Well, today i cleaned and re-organized my scrappingspace. Man, it looks good! Now I feel like scrapping, BUT it's time for dinner soon, so I have to wait.

I will try to include one of my recent LOs... (hope it works!
The pics show my great kids - while they give the pigeons bread in France last Summer.

Saturday, January 6, 2007

First day

first day.
my first blog ever!!
this will be exciting.
I don't know how to include photos yet.
I don't know anything yet - hmmmmm.
we'll see.
it sure seems like a lot of fun.