Saturday, September 29, 2007

Some stuff

I'm soooooo honoured right now! Remember I did a LO for the unpubbed blog!?? Well, I didn't win, but the girls over there had an eye on my LO! Take a look at their post from Wednesday, Sept. 19. The headline is "Favorite". That's so very cool!

Well, yesterday my youngest son, Theis, turned 8! Ohhh man, my boys are getting so big! *sniff!* He had a wonderful day with a lot of guests and nice presents. He (and his older brother) are so much into LEGO and Theis received a lot of new LEGO stuff! Man!! I don't know where to put it all when it's build! hehe!

Here's an early morning pic. of him! The yellow teddy bear is a gift from Emil, his older brother, who made it all by himself in school! Isn't that just sweet? :-)

Theis love to bake, so he helped me in the kitchen!

... And the 8 lights! Theis wanted this sort of "cake". It's a lot of little cakes on a plate. They are called "kanelsnegle" in Danish, unfortunately I don't know the word in English.
EDIT: I've been told they are called cinnamon buns in the United States. Thanks Mia!

And I made this LO a few days ago! It was supposed to be send to the new Danish magazine called "My scrap corner". There's a competition where the topic is starsigns. I chose to scrap my own starsign "the cancer". And here's the result!

I have a tatoo on my left shoulder. It's a symbol for my starsign. Thought it was neat to put that on the layout as well! :-) The journaling are words describing my personality and which also suits my starsign.
Unfortunately I missed the deadline, so it isn't sent! But then I can show it here!

It's heavy rain outside today - so I guess it's time to start on a new layout!
Thanks a lot for stopping by!

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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Ribbon Challenge

Over at the new Danish forum, called The Scrap Cat forum, some of the girls have put up a ribbon challenge. And here's my take on it:

(I'm sorry that the layout looks uneven - it isn't IRL!)

I've used the ribbon along two of the sides of the pic. The title letters are Thickers (I think they are sooo cool!!), BG chipboard tags which I've covered with paper and ink. The red flowers is made with clearstamps and the word "play" on the big tag is a rubon (Rhonna Farrer graffitti), the red circle stamp on the big tag is made with a journaling stamp which failed a bit, but I like the look of it. All the black flowers are rubons (mini marks by American Crafts). On the smallest tag I have used a rubber stamp where it says "my friend".

This was a fun one to do because I didn't use any patterned paper at all! Which is very unusual for me! And I just LOVE the pic. It's from 1999 and shows my nephew and my oldest DS. (my son is to the right). They had and still have so much fun together! The title means "So Happy!".

Thanks a lot for visiting me! I wish you all a great Sunday!


Friday, September 21, 2007

A layout for unpubbed

I love the challenge blog called Unpubbed. Twice a month a new "Famer" will be displayed on their cool blog. The challenges are always scraplifts. This week Edleen is the Famer and she did a wonderful LO which is supposed to be scraplifed. And here's my take on it:

My layout is called "You are family forever".
The picture shows my two boys and their cousins. They have a very close friendship and they want to play together all the time. I chose to give my page a frame to highlight the unbreakable bond between the 4 of them. The strong colors represent the playfulnes (is that even a word!???). HA HA!

Well, tonight they have a chance to play with each other again as we all are going to my mom and dad for dinner.

Thank you so much for stopping by!


Saturday, September 15, 2007

Lots of buttons + a new award!

Finally it's Saturday and I've had some time to do this:

Old photos from 2001, when my youngest one was 2 years old. I didn't know I had these photos, I found them while browsing through all of our photos taken with the digital camera. I was so thrilled to find them - and I remembered right away how funny he was as a toddler! :-)

The buttons are Foof-a-la buttons. I love the colors on them. Background paper, the flowers and the arrows are Sassafras Lass (one of my favourites). My own doodling with a lot of inspiration from Lisette and the title letters are stickers (DCWV).

I have received a GREAT award from Wati in Singapore. Thank you very much sweetie! It's so very nice of you!

Now I am supposed to give this award to 2 persons. I would love to give it to more than 2 though!! But I'll stick to the rules so here we go:

Sollie in Belgium. She's always so nice and is a returning visitor.
Jette here in Denmark. She's so nice too and always give me sweet comments.

I hope you all will have a very nice weekend!! And thanks a lot for stopping by!

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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

BOH = Book Of my Home

I participate in BOH Challenges. As it says in the title, BOH means "Book Of my Home". It's Majer who came up with this neat idea and I plan to follow her challenges as often as I can. I think it's so cool to make a book of my home. We live in a house, which is build in 1964. We have lived here since December 1998 and we've re-organized many things already, but there still are things to do here. Right now we are building a new terrace outside our bedroom - and instead of the window in our bedroom, we will have a door. The door is in by now - my DH is a really handyman and he certainly deserves all the credit. :-)

Well, this is the frontpage for my BOH. It shows our house from the backside and with lots of snow on the grass. The window to the right side is our bedroom window - that is where our new terrace is being build.

The second photo on the layout shows our pavilion - which my DH has build all by himself. We love sitting there eating while we look at the beautiful fields right outside the window!

Products used: Basic Grey Blush, EK Success (the "bubble" paper), ribbon, QK Eliza for the title, brown ink pad, brown Slick writer.

The journaling. I tell about when we bought the house, the prize we payed and how much we love living here.


This is what I received in the mail yesterday! Scrapbooking mm. is a GREAT Swedish magazine I always buy! This time there was a little goodie inside: Some wonderful fiber which suits perfectly for Halloween projects. The magazine on top is the NEW DANISH magazine called MY SCRAP CORNER. It's the first issue and I already love it! It's stuffed with great articles, wonderful layouts and projects and it's very, very nice to see so many talented Danes!
I also received the 3 Dotta Riffics you can see on the top of the magazines. I look so much forward to play with them!! They are really cool!

Well, I'm off now! I'll talk to you later! Thanks a lot for stopping by! I'm always happy to see you here. :-)

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Monday, September 10, 2007

New layout and some pics.

Finally I have made a new page. I haven't been creative for 1½ week, so it was great to sit in my room yesterday being creative, surfing galleries and surfing great blogs. :-) I just love that!
Well, here is what I came up with (the layout is called "new fashion?"):

My two boys with pig-hats. I think the photo is so funny! But I had a VERY HARD time putting it on paper. There are so many colors in the pic. After a long time I came up with this. The stars is cut from a Sassafras Lass paper "Daydream" and I've used some leftovers. The journaling stamp is Autumn Leaves, Sticker alpha is BG and I used a white Signo pen for the journaling. The photo is taken on New Year 2005/2006.


Saturday we went to Helsingør. It's a city far from here and it has the beautiful Kronborg Castle and a great view to Sweden! :-) It was very, very windy and kind of cold, but it was such a nice day! And I took these shots:

The harbour of Helsingør and Kronborg Castle in the background!

The beach. On the other side of the water you can see Sweden.

My two lovely boys in the habour of Helsingør.

Thanks a lot for stopping by!

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Saturday, September 8, 2007

My son is 10 years old!!

Emil in the morning Sept. 2nd!! Happy 10th to my great kid!

Ohhhh boy! I hardly can't believe that I am a mother of a 10-year old. I really don't know how time flies soooo fast. He's such a lovely boy. A happy, funny, clever and loveable child. I love him to pieces!!

Last Sunday, Sept. 2nd he turned 10. We invited a lot of guests that day and we made a lot of yummy food! He had a BIG celebration and he loved his day. He received a lot of great presents. He LOVES Lego right now - so he got a lot of Lego Racers and Lego City stuff. We gave him a new bike and this whole week we have been on a lot of rides. It's so cosy!! He also got clothes (he LOVES clothes), money, a weekly child magazine (Donald Duck) - which he'll receive in the mail for the next 6 months.

Emil's cake! He decorated it himself! :-)

Yesterday his classmades (only the boys ... 14 of them!!!!!) were here to celebrate him. Ohhhh man!! They are really loud! What a bunch of boys!! HA HA! We managed and we survived and Emil had some great hours. :-)
Thanks a lot for stopping by! I appreciate your visits.